A digital daughter of the internet, Ava Lee-Graham a.k.a “ava.gram” is a virtual influencer on Instagram created by the fashion creative, Reyme Husaini. Stereotypically a fashion cool girl, Ava is forever a 22-year-old and is a Virgo. She loves to be dressed up for the ‘gram. She’s known for her often a gender-fluid style, which emphasises comfort always, but with a firm motto, that style should be a reflection of your inner self. Her style icons include Bella Hadid, Rihanna and Alexander Wang.


Due to a lack of social and cultural voice that social media influencers have in Singapore, Ava was born to be an outspoken platform for the minorities to raise awareness and spark conversations about a social and sometimes political issue, no matter how controversial sometimes. She is confident, self-aware, independent and opinionated, and doesn’t conform to outdated female stereotypes or societal pressures.

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